Provide relief and related services to the poor, poorly educated, downtrodden, persecuted, otherwise handicapped women, children, landless and land-lost farmers, peasants and people across the world.


To be the change agent and bring awareness to the poorly literate communities across the globe and bridge the knowledge gap for empowerment.

Amaravati Issue

Amaravati issue has been simmering for the past 1 year since the new administration of Andhra Pradesh has reneged on their promise to develop the state and the Capital city. The 29,000 farmers who have donated the land to the Government are fighting for their rights and so are we.


Covid-19 is like a chain of dominoes: When one falls, we all do. Break the chain of transmission by social distancing. You won’t just keep your family and friends safe – you’ll keep thousands of others as well. Helper foundation is helping the needy by donating needed medical supplies.

Amaravti Issue

The hopes and aspirations of the 29,000 farmers who have lost their 33,400 acres of land to the promise of building a sustainable capital that will prosper in the middle of the state of Andhra Pradesh, have been dashed due to the new administration’s policies of backtracking on the promises. We need to stand together and support these heroes and our fellow Indians.


Hospitals across the US are flooded with COVID-19 patients, while running severely short on ventilators and personal protection equipment for doctors. Medical workers are being forced to reuse or make their own masks to keep patients safe. We need to stand together and support these heroes and our fellow Americans.