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Message From Director of Health Services:

The United States is immensely overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals in cities like New York City, Los Angeles and Detroit are flooded with patients, running severely short on personal protection equipment for doctors and ventilators for patients. Facilities in states like Michigan, New Jersey, and Louisiana are seeing an explosion of new cases each day. Medical centers are nearly depleted of masks, hospital beds, and scrubs. Helper Foundation is urging us all to come together and donate to provide these medical professionals the supplies they need. Every penny counts.


Help for Covid-19 Pandemic

Hospitals across the US are flooded with COVID-19 patients, while running severely short on ventilators and personal protection equipment for doctors. Medical workers are being forced to reuse or make their own masks to keep patients safe. We need to stand together and support these heroes and our fellow Americans.

Helper Foundation is providing masks, ventilators, and other equipment to hospitals across the nation. Give what you can and help save lives.

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Symptoms of Corona Virus

Break the chain of transmission:

Covid-19 is like a chain of dominoes: When one falls, we all do.


Prevention is better than Cure

1. Social Distance is the Key

The Order requires the essential business, including food facilities, Comply with the following Social Distancing Requirements to the maximum extent feasible:

  • Maintain atleast six-foot social distancing between individuals, including employees and customers and including while customers are staying in line.
  • Wash Hands with Soap and Water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible and provide hand sanitizer to Customers.
  • Cover Cough and Sneezes (into sleeve or elbow, not hands).
  • Regularly Clean high-touch surfaces
  • Do not shake hands
  • Chlorine-based(bleach) sanitizer at 100 ppm or quaternary ammonium-based sanitizer at 200 ppm are effective sanitizers. Use test strips to ensure that sanitizer is at these required concentrations. Sanitize equipment,utensils, and food preparation areas, as well as tables, seats, service counters and any other area exposed to customer or employee routinely throughout the day.

Why should we ware masks:


How to wash your hands with Soap.

How and when to use alcohol based formation aka Sanitizer

Soap with good amount of SDS(Sodium DoDecyl Sulphate) works better.

COVID-19 can last for days on surfaces. Increase the frequency of clearing and Sanitizing all high-touch areas such as:

  • Door knobs, touch screens, cash registers, faucet handles, and Cabinet/drawer pulls
  • Menus, and condiment dispensers and napkin dispensers
  • Other items and surfaces frequently touched by employees or customers

At this time, avoid accepting reusable utensils and from customers(food containers, traveler cups, etc.)

Provide condiments, utensils, and napkin to customers upon request rather than on a self –service basis to minimize contact.

Save medical professionals and they in turn will save thousands of lives

Self-Checker for COVID-19

Clinical guidance management

How to make masks with cloth

Realistic models that work for fighting Corona virus



Coronavirus realtime updates

Coronavirus Realtime Updates